Leaderboard: Total Points (SEP)

What is SEP?

The Spivi® Ecosystem Points (SEP) is an innovative metric for measuring physical effort in a uniform way across heterogeneous training group. Unlike traditional scoring systems that are based on absolute performance values such as KJ, KCal etc which give an advantage to individuals with good fitness shape, the earned SEPs will reflect a personal physical effort level of each individual.

For example, a young woman with high FTP value which means a good fitness shape level will have to work much harder than an older woman with low FTP value in order to earn same SEPs.

The SEPs are accumulated per second during a live training session and computed based the following input parameters:

  • Fitness activity type – (Indoor cycling, Walking, Running etc)
  • Personal information – Age, Weight, Gender
  • Real-time performance data – HR, Power, Cadence, Speed etc

The Power data in %FTP units is the most dominant component in the SEP computation. Following the Power data are the HR in %Max HR units and Cadence in RPM units.

The SEPs concept is a powerful motivating tool that encourages trainees to work hard and earn more points while eliminating the natural physical differences that exists on most of the training groups.