Posh Cycling and Fitness


Hi everyone. As you all know, Covid-19 has hit the fitness industry harder than even restaurants. Unfortunetly, many gyms and boutque studios have closed their doors since March 2020. Many small business dreams have been shattered. The fitness industry still has a long way to go make up for the loss of revenue it as suffered during the pandemic. We are so fortunate that Posh is still open. We thank all of you who have graciously donated to us during this hard time. we would not be here without you all. The posh team trully Appreciates your generoisty.  

However, our revenue is still 50% down since March 2020. A lot of you have offered to help us financially, and I personally thank you for offering, you are amazing! Since so many of you have been asking, you have convinced us to keep our link up to allow you to donate any amount that you choose. Our main priortity is to keep everyone safe! You all have always been great supporters of Posh, and we thank you.

Once again, thanks everyone… we love you! Stay safe… and as always… Have a Posh Time!!! 

-Mel (Owner)


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